Connection in the Time of Coronavirus

I know this is an uncertain time, one that triggers the worst in us: fear, scarcity, confusion, grief… Each moment feels like an hour, each day melting into the next. If we ourselves aren’t suffering from illness or mourning someone who is, we are in isolation, grasping for understanding of what to do, how long we will be here, and what the world will even look like when we emerge.

I humbly believe that the only way to discern what the future holds is to consciously create it ourselves; bit by bit, day by day, one tiny step forward at a time. Not by doing, but by being, imagining, and visualizing… by having the courage to go inward as time stands still and we are finally given permission to slow down and listen.

With the tragedy that accompanies this pandemic, we are also gifted silver linings that have the potential to propel us into a more intentional, regenerative, and conscious system of living, giving this crisis purpose, and us the opportunity to triumph.

In the wise words of the beloved Ram Dass, BE. HERE. NOW. Mother Nature is running her course, forcing us to pause, reset, and reassess our consumption habits, trauma, and lifestyle patterns. Never before has society paused long enough to absorb this true gift of PRESENCE, and the ability to honor stillness, meditation, family, and introspection, to ask ourselves what really matters most, and acknowledge the natural world with which we are so deeply connected, and yet take for granted on most days.

I’ve been thinking a lot about conscious consumption and think it is a relevant topic for today’s crisis. Whether it be COVID-19, deforestation for industrial agriculture, or fracking and mining to feed our addiction to fossil fuels, it’s become an undeniable truth that humans are at a life or death tipping point due to the way in which we consume. It is a time of uncertainty and reckoning for our entire species, a perfect opportunity to reassess our habits and change our patterns.

Personally, I have never felt so grateful as I do today. For my health that I take for granted way too often, for the health of my loved ones, but most of all, for the forced stillness and sense of static presence that has engaged a global period of self-reflection. The capitalist monster has finally faced its match — Mother Nature — and we are returning to the truth of who we are as human beings.
It is definitely a scary time with too many lives lost and an unknown future before us, and I just want to say — it’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to be worried. It’s ok, to not be ok.

With so much free time to let our minds run wild, I implore you all to go run into the wild instead (A L O N E). Find a space of complete solitude in nature, even if it’s in the mind through meditation. Explore the wide open space of stillness in ancient trees, bird songs or ocean breezes. See what you find.

Consider your consumption habits, including the news, social media, and surrounding energies, immerse yourself in that which feels nourishing and life-giving, not draining. Eat clean food, take supplements, stay active, keep your immune systems high and find excuses to smile, laugh, and think healthy thoughts. Limit tech time and dare I say, enjoy the free fall. Carve space within it to find peace. Get comfortable with it. We’ll most likely be here a while.

To help inspire joy and renewed intention during this period of reflection, Waterspirit is holding a weekly meeting space on Friday mornings that is meant to also allow us to compile and share favorite books, playlists, podcasts, films and more with one another, focusing on what brings us joy.

After each meeting, an email will be sent to everyone with the compiled list of resources shared that day. Email to join us and for more info.

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